Patented UHF microwave plasma

Microwave plasmatrons are suitable both for supporting the combustion of various raw materials in existing equipments and for obtaining extra pure plasma, without emissions and impurities from combustion products, for use in plasma chemistry (disposal of toxic and hazardous waste).

    • Save on operating costs
    • Invest wisely
    • Save the environment
    • Stay ahead of the competition

    Unique solution with a wide range of applications

    Microwave plasma can be used for various technological processes such as disposal of medical and hazardous waste, high-temperature pyrolysis gasification of organic materials, municipal waste, RDF fuels, briquettes, ignition and activation of boiler combustion in heating plants and power plants, production of hydrogen and additive for 3D printing, synthesis of silicon, diamond, etc.

    Above all, it will be used for the cleaning, treatment and neutralization of industrial gases and vapors of various origins, states and compositions.

    The use of microwave plasmatrons in plants burning substances such as coal, biomass or gas visibly improves the environmental situation in the area of operation (thermal power plant, waste incineration plant, etc.)

    Low temperature plasma generator - microwave plasmatron is a highly efficient device for converting electrical energy into thermal energy of gas or air flow. The thermal efficiency of the microwave plasmatron reaches up to 95%