Processing of carbonaceous materials into fuel gas

Microwave plasmatrons are capable of quick, shock-induced high temperatures over a wide range.

  • The use of dry pyrolysis as a non-contact heating of carbon mass
  • The resulting heating gas (pyro gas) enters the plasma filter
  • High-temperature destruction and ionisation leads to the formation of electron gas
  • This is followed by cooling and production of CO, which can be used for power generation

Plasma ignition of solid fuels and combustion stabilization in boilers

Coal-fired boilers are usually fired with natural gas. The use of gas also ensures the stability of the combustion process during operation. However, the cost of traditional fuels is constantly rising!

Coal dust, compared to gas, requires a higher ignition temperature and a longer temperature effect.

What are the benefits of installing a plasmatron?

  • Elimination of dependence on natural gas or fuel oil for boiler heating and operation

  • Reduction of costs during boiler start-up/warm-up and during the combustion of raw materials

  • Increase in boiler controllability parameters when changing load during periods of increasing or decreasing boiler output in response to changes in electricity demand