Plasma filter for industrial flue gas cleaning

The technology enables efficient thermal destruction of carbonaceous substances including industrial flue gases. The process is carried out without oxygen at an average operating temperature of 1500 °C.

This achieves up to 99% conversion of free and bound carbon of various chemical compounds in the flue gas into combustible CO gas, which is the most important condition for the purification of outgoing industrial flue gas.

Advantages of using a plasma filter:

  • Thermal and ionization destruction of carbonaceous substance

  • Up to 90% conversion of free and bound carbon to the flammable gas CO

  • Carbon content of 10-20% in the flue gas of waste incineration

  • Carbon content of 40-45% in flue gas for ferrometals production

  • Minimal formation of dioxins and furans due to temperatures above 1200 °C