What is microwave plasma?

Microwave plasma is a collection of electrical discharges in gases formed by the resonance of electromagnetic waves with a frequency higher than 300 MHz.

A microwave plasma discharge (plasma) occurs in a plasma-forming gas as a result of an avalanche in an electromagnetic field of 30 kV/sm or more. In the region of microwave radiation penetration, the electromagnetic energy is transformed into thermal energy of the plasma.

Microwave plasmatron

  • It has a long working life due to the absence of electrodes (the main and principal difference from arc plasmatrons, their electrodes burn out quickly under the influence of high electric arc temperatures and require expensive replacements)
  • It has a simple design because the MW energy generator (magnetron) and the emitter chamber (retarder system with resonator) for converting gases to plasma are tightly coupled into a single unit
  • The design allows the use of water vapor as the plasma-forming gas, which is emission-free and has a higher hydrogen content

The main advantage of the microwave plasmatron over other high temperature sources is the absence of electrodes and additional combustible materials (gas, grease, oil, coal) that contaminate the end products of plasma destruction with hazardous substances.

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